Green monster mailer

Admin notes: This site is really generous with the free credits and the conversion rate is at 1-2% of ads being send out. Its pretty decent for a free credit mailer, and it packs more punch if you get the upgrade package. With the upgraded package, you get credits everyday to do your mailings. Oh did i mention that there is no limit in mailing as long as you have credits? This feature is a great advantage from other credit mailers which restricts you in your mailings. Do check this site up.

Any feedback about this site you can leave a comment below and i will process it accordingly.

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Welcome Notes

Hi, my name is Raymond and welcome to my online business blog that aims to help fellow opportunity seekers to start earning income online. I hope you will find useful information about what you will like to do for your business and may us bridge mutual benefits in time to come.

January 1, 2010 at 1:20 pm


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